Facebook Is planning an attack on linkedin

In the past week, Facebook has been giving hints about creating a job publishing serving on its social media network. Facebook, which has more than 1.86 billion monthly active users as of December 31, 2016 , wants to give its users more functionality on its site.

John Koetsier, a contributor on Forbes did a review of the Facebook’s job posting mechanism and gave the following comments “Facebook’s new job-posting functionality couldn’t be simpler. I’ve posted a few jobs to LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, and a few other career sites, and this beats them all.” From the review, the following facts were unraveled

Five interesting things about jobs on Facebook:

  1. This is an opportunity to get your biggest fans — people who already follow you on Facebook — working for your brand. That can be a big win.
  2. Facebook is sending you job notifications via messages to your page. Guess what: now you actually have to check your page messages. Second guess what: now you’re more tightly integrating your business into Facebook and Messenger.
  3. Right now, publishing job posts is free. Don’t expect it to stay that way forever. As soon as there’s significant scale, expect Facebook to find ways to monetize it.
  4. Generally, when Facebook releases something new, it prioritizes the new thing in its algorithm that determines what people see on Facebook. Jump on this initiative quickly to benefit the most.
  5. This is yet another reason for people to “like” pages from brands and companies they’re interested in … especially if they’re job-hunting. And that, in turn, ties companies tighter to Facebook.


If this scales, I wonder if we won’t see some kind of antitrust rumblings from the job postings industry, including LinkedIn. Particularly if Facebook prioritizes job postings in its news feed, making them easy to see, easy to find, and potentially sucking up a large portion of the job-search ecosystem.

Facebook job postings are clearly going to be exceptionally interesting for the low end of the job market, and certainly for local companies. It’s unclear if it will work for high end professional postings.

We keep you, in the know. “Stay true”


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